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Coeliac Australia Gluten Free Accreditation Program

Coeliac Australia has developed an accreditation program for the food service industry, which will allow businesses to consistently provide menu options using best practice for gluten free food preparation.

The Coeliac Australia Gluten Free Accreditation Program clearly highlights to the gluten free consumer that this establishment has implemented the best practice for gluten free food preparation to ensure all gluten free consumers can eat with confidence outside the home.

The program, was trialled for twelve months at selected locations in NSW, requires food outlets to comply with the Gluten Free Standard for the Australian Food Service Sector and successfully undergo staff training and an onsite compliance audit. The audit process inspects all stages of food delivery; from sourcing gluten free supplies to preparation of food, food handling procedures, and continues through to the delivery of meals. The final gluten free menu items are then subject to laboratory testing to validate the process.

Accredited outlets will be the only businesses eligible to use our unique gluten free symbol to identify gluten free menu options (pictured). When you see this symbol you will be able to make an informed choice and eat with confidence.

As the program becomes established, accredited businesses will be listed in a Dining Directory on this website, replacing our previous restaurant listing. Follow the progress of this exciting project by reading the updates available for download in the Useful Links on this page (left).


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Gluten Free Standard for the Australian Food Service Sector

Program Trial Launch Media Release

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